About Us

Designer and hobbyist who likes to create beautiful jewelry and accessories, we are your source for some of the finest handmade African beads, glass beads, and wholesale beading supplies. We are proud to offer an incredible selection of top quality, hand-picked. Finding beads that live up to your expected level of quality can be challenging, but we make it easy with our vast selection.


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Our story

The name is Anthony Nana Kobby Frimpong Manso C.E.O of KOBBYBRANDS, 32 years, born in a CATHOLIC family to Mr. & Mrs. Frimpong Manso. Happily married to a beautiful lady by name  Evelyn Naa-Dedei Welbeck.

5 years of branding, innovation & working to satisfy our clients

The LOVE for FASHION and creative arts gave birth to this entrepreneurship, However, been home after completing college without a job was a motivating factor to this endeavor.

With the support of family and friends, I was able to put some few ideas together, beginning the acquisition of DSTV decoder in other to telecast sports activities (especially football matches) in the front porch of my father’s house. 

This drew a lot of people and neighbors to me as football always brings people together. I then studied the arts of bead making which really took me to places and broadened my thinking as it opened the doors for the rest of my portfolios.

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We’re really proud of our success and growth and we’ve worked hard to nurture this business.

Our aim is to move beyond GHANA and offer job opportunities to all those needing it.

This has always been my advise to me and to those who approach me for mentorship, and I want to share it with you,